Connectivity losses with Android 12 & RTH

Hello everyone, I have come across some issues with Litchi after I bought my new Android Mobile phone, Vivo 25 Pro. Android 12, 1300 nits. My previous Android Mobile phone, Vivo S1. Android 9.0 was working well except for the display in daylight.

The issues I come across with the Vivo 25 Pro. There are often frequent connectivity losses at 400 M in line of site and 100M if there are some trees. I also experience RTH problems where I need to reconnect back to Litchi or need to switch to the DJI Fly App in order to Land. It just hovers 0.5M from the ground and it will not land after the end of the Waypoint Mission set to RTH.

I don’t know if it’s because of Litchi’s support for Android 12 or not! Please note that the Waypoint Missions are the same. Before, I used to do 2 Missions from the same spot, without any issues. Now because of the trees and the new Vivo 25 Pro, I need to relocate for the 2nd Mission. It’s been nearly a year that I trying to find a solution to my problems. I really hope to find a solution here with your help.

A loss of connection between the drone and controller has nothing to do with the app/device you are using, it’s pure environmental.
Read the section on how to aim your controller in the user manual of the drone.

A loss of connection between the controller and the connected smart device can be caused by:

  • Faulty USB cable and/or connector.
  • Any DJI app still active in the background while using Litchi (Force Close any DJI app BEFORE starting Litchi).

In your case it’s most likely environmental.

Turn Off “Landing protection”.

Thank you so much. I will replace my USB cable.
Regarding RTH the Landing protection is turned off a month ago but there were no changes.

Everything you wrote points to a disconnection between the drone and the controller.

Double check with the drone turned ON and connected.

Hello Tri,

Thank you for coming back to me.

I have 2 RC and last night I replaced the USB cable from my previous RC. I also double-checked Landing Protection with the drone turned On, and it showed off.

I will run the Waypoint Missions and report back to you if you don’t mind!

Hello #Tri,
I have done the Test Mission with the USB cable replaced for the weak signal. I’m afraid it still happening.
As to the RTH it came back home excellently, with no issues.
Thank you so much for your support.