complete mission even if signal is lost

Is there an option that will give the drone permission to continue with the mission even if the signal to the transmitter is lost… if not, I think there should be… of course the drone will always be attempting to reestablish a connection with the remote, but it should proceed with the planned mission in the meantime

only certain drones are capable of this, it is a limitation of the drone and has nothing to do with Litchi, search the forum for posts about virtual stick control


See this information on which DJI drones support on-board waypoint missions:


This was all the information I needed… thank you for your help!

It makes sense that the drone can’t continue the mission when controlled via virtual sticks if there is signal loss.

But sometimes I have brief momentary signal loss, and that breaks the waypoint mission.

I would like to see behavior where the drone would pause and hover on signal loss, if the signal gets restored within (maybe 30) seconds the mission would then resume. For extended poor signal quality issues a RTH would be commanded.