Compatibility with DJI mini 3 pro

Is there any sense to when Litchi will be available for DJI mini 3 pro?

Give it about a year before DJI will release the sdk

In order for companies like Litchi to support a new drone, DJI must release the Software Development Kit (SDK). Litchi will then be able to add support for the new drone to their software. Unfortunately, DJI is really slow about releasing the SDK for any new drone. It does take up to a year.

DJI’s priority with the SDK these days is to support enterprise drones. Consumer drones like Mini 3 are not their priority. As a result, it may take months (potentially even a year+) before we see support for the Mini 3 in the SDK. Having a Mini 3 SDK at all is in fact not even guaranteed.

It is also worth noting DJI started a brand new Android SDK (with no plans to release an iOS counterpart) with the recent launch of the M30 drone. According to what we were told, all newly drone models released from M30 on (including consumer drones) will be added to that new SDK. This most likely means we’ll need a different app.

To add to that, from what I have heard it would appear you cannot get out of the DJI Fly app on the new Mini 3 Pro DJI RC though I have not confirmed it myself.

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as a total novice, hope you don’t mind me jumping on the back of this discussion?
just reading comments has answered stuff that i don’t think dji support would be too helpful with …
when dji do allow litchi acces to the sdk, would i still need the old style remote (dji rc n1, with phone attached) to be able to install litchi rather than the rc controller (screen version) as i can’t see how you could install anything directly onto that controller, rather than onto an attached phone?
(the reason i want the litchi app is for the waypoints feature so i can concentrate on the camera work rather than the piloting - why do dji not have this in the fly app?!)
thanks …

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With the other DJI monitors, like DJI Smart Controller and DJI RC Pro, you can install third party apps (DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi)

However, it would appear that currently with the Mini 3 RC it is not possible to install third party apps (I do not have one to confirm)

So based on what I know so far, RC N1 would be required. These things can change though

appreciated, thank you vico …
but why is the feature not available from dji - a cost thing?

I am guessing DJI wants to keep waypoints for enterprise drones, but it is best to ask them directly for the definitive answer

thanks again vico …
they’re good at not quite answering questions!

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Does it mean that the Litchi for Mini3 Pro will be only on Android or that the current Litchi app will not be supported at all? I would very much like to have Litchi/Android on Mini3 as soon as possible. For this reason I also have bought the standard remote version.

That’s what I meant yes, but we won’t know for sure until DJI releases a Mini 3 Pro SDK. For now it is mostly speculation.

I’m assuming there has been no leaks or updates on when the sdk will be released…

I’m looking at getting back into drones, bought and sold a mavic air previously and used litchi for that, with the mini 3 pro looking like a good buy for someone that isn’t sure they’ll keep using a drone… But no litchi is a little Downer for me. Mostly due to waypoints, but I’m also interested in trying vr on the cheap… They aren’t a high priority so I’ll likely buy a mavic mini 3 Pro anyway and if I’m still droning when the sdk comes out well bonus I guess.

I’d get a mini 2 if i was you, lot better bang for the buck than the over hyped and over priced 3


Thanks. I bought the mini 3 Pro due to the (limited) obstacle avoidance. Seems that the sdk won’t allow waypoint missions with on board storage and will just be moving the sticks in the app virtually anyway (like the mini 2 is) so reception is needed the whole time… So the sdk and litchi aren’t as big a thing for me now anyway.

So not like my original mavic air where it flew unmanned for things like monitoring my parents farm where reception gets challenging. I hadn’t realised this limitation with the sdk that has eventuated on consumer level dji drones since the “good old days”.

This is what I got from DJI after sending them an email last week:

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support.

Regarding your inquiry, we are sorry that we have not received any related information from our senior teams.

Please note that we have informed our Research and Development Engineers about this request. What we can do is collect all related feedback related to this request and forward the information to them. Our Development Team will take this Customer Suggestion to further review as a case possible for the next firmware update/product enhancement.

Please stay tuned for more updates through our official website.
If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to send us a message and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing DJI products.

Looks like a bog standard reply, says a lot without actually saying anything


Yes. That is a standard, cordial response form DJI. It means nothing.


in this video SDK for Mini 3 release already release DJI MINI 3 PRO SDK RELEASE (update) 👹 BEAST MODE ENABLED ✅ - YouTube

hope litchi will update for Mini 3 & Mini 3 Pro Soon

You are absolutely wrong !
At the end of the video he clearly states that DJI will release the SDK for the Mini 3 the second quarter of 2023.

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“Tech Drone Media” is usually quite accurate in his videos. In this video he clearly states that “DJI will release”, NOT “DJI has released” the SDK for the Mini 3. He also correctly points out that SDKv5 for the Mini 3 is not compatible with the SDKv4 used by current drones. Furthermore, he correctly points out that the SDKv5 is only for Android only, not IOS.

It will be a while longer before we see 3rd-party apps for the Mini 3.

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