Compatibility with DJI mini 3 pro

Is there any sense to when Litchi will be available for DJI mini 3 pro?

Give it about a year before DJI will release the sdk

In order for companies like Litchi to support a new drone, DJI must release the Software Development Kit (SDK). Litchi will then be able to add support for the new drone to their software. Unfortunately, DJI is really slow about releasing the SDK for any new drone. It does take up to a year.

DJI’s priority with the SDK these days is to support enterprise drones. Consumer drones like Mini 3 are not their priority. As a result, it may take months (potentially even a year+) before we see support for the Mini 3 in the SDK. Having a Mini 3 SDK at all is in fact not even guaranteed.

It is also worth noting DJI started a brand new Android SDK (with no plans to release an iOS counterpart) with the recent launch of the M30 drone. According to what we were told, all newly drone models released from M30 on (including consumer drones) will be added to that new SDK. This most likely means we’ll need a different app.

To add to that, from what I have heard it would appear you cannot get out of the DJI Fly app on the new Mini 3 Pro DJI RC though I have not confirmed it myself.

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