Compatability with Litchi of the M2 Pro with Remote ID firmware updated from DJI

Today DJI released a firmware update for the Mavic 2 Pro to provide functionality for Remote ID. In their release notes, they point out that after “upgrading” to the new firmware, functionality with their GS Pro, a waypoint based mapping software will cease. I confimed that with DJI support.
They will not comment on whether or not Litchi will work after the update, as it is a third-party app.
Does anyone know for certain that Litchi will work with the Mavic 2 Pro after the Remote ID firmware update? Since the new firmware cannot be rolled back, I don’t want to test it and lose my Litchi.

Litchi has been my choice for flying DJI drones, and I have never seen any reason to bother with DJI Go4 unless I need to calibrate the collision avoidance sensors. Speaking of avoidance, another reason I stay well clear of DJI Go4 is that I don’t appreciate being confronted with unsolicited “updates” simply because they are created to shackle drones and not to enhance any aspect of their performance.

Philip, I share your unease about the looming “update” that could lock the Mavic 2 Pro out of Litchi. For as long as that update is optional, I will decline to download it regardless of how its merits are touted by DJI. If the update becomes mandatory as a condition to continue flying the M2P, I will promptly sell both of my M2Ps and make do with my older models.

According to the MavicPilots forum it does not.

I can personally confirm that Litchi WILL work on my M2Pro with the new RID compatible firmware updates.
RID is being transmitted and seen using the Air Sentinel app.
Now, if DJI and FAA would formally add it to the Declaration of Compliance, everyone will be in full compliance.

Drone firmware 01.00.797
RC1B controller 01.00.0770
GO 4 app 4.3.60 (iOS)
Litchi app 2.15.2 (iOS)

Great news! Thank you for confirming this @Sam_G

I have the Smart Controller with my Mavic 2 Pro and wondering about other software compatibility:
Hammer Missions
DJI Pilot app

Do you by chance have the DJI Pilot app installed? Does it also work with the new RID firmware?

No, I dont have that and cant provide and answer about RID info.