Compass calibration

Hi everbody, i tried to calibrate the compass of my mini2 in Litchi and the option is there but images that show how to and when to go for the second operation like in dji fly app
is it normal ?
thanks, Gordon

Yes, Litchi only gives verbal instructions for compass calibration.

Thanks, it means i have to follow the light code ?
i remember it cames green after the 360 horizontal but vertical i dont know

Light codes also help, but ‘verbal’ means ‘spoken words’. Maximize the volume on your phone/tablet.

After a succesful first (orizontal) rotation the light gets solid green.
After a succesful 2nd (vertical) rotation the light blinks green.

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Thanks for all ,i dont know why but i have no sound with the Litchi app, it is ok with dji fly i cannot find out why i dont have with litchi ,maybe i will have to reinstall the app to see
thanks, Gordon

Turn on sound notifications in settings

You can set compass in dji fly, you don’t have to do it in litchi

i did in litchi but still have no sound,and for calibration in dji fly i knew it but
i like to use just the Litchi app!
at first i had sound in my Litchi app , dont know what is happened!
thanks, Gordon

The tilt of the camera gimbal is only adjustable in dji fly.
And imu too.

The compass does not require frequent calibration. This can be done once a year.

OK! maybe in a future we’ll see it in Litchi , out of that subject ,do you know if we can stitch panorama in Litchi if not does it have a easy way to doing it ?

I use Hugin

Look in the help

Ok , thanks i will have a look