Combine Waypoints with Active Track


I would really love it if Litchi added an ability to combine Waypoints with Active Track. As a avid hiker and traveller I would like to be able to program my DJI Air S2 to follow Waypoints and track me at the same time as I hike through mountain trails. Can you add it?

You might consider the ‘Follow’ mode.

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What does ‘Follow’ mode do? I’ve never installed Litchi before so I don’t know anything about the app yet. Could you tell me, please?

From the Litchi Help website:


Follow causes the aircraft to follow the movements of a subject.
The subject is usually the mobile device that is connected to the drone but it can also follow a pin on a map or a second mobile device running the Litchi Magic Leash app (Android only).

“it can also follow a pin on a map” how does it work? What situation might I want to use this?

From the Follow Settings in Litchi (shown on the Follow Help screen):

  1. Touch Mode Marker: When the Follow Touch Mode is enabled, tap anywhere on the map to set this marker, which the aircraft will follow. The marker is also draggable.
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Hmm. Not sure I understand this follo pin feature. Any chance of a video tutorial on this from setup to actual implementation.

For me this is also not clear. How can the drone follow a pinned location on a map. It’s a static point.

That is a good point about not being able to follow a static object. I have not used this feature and thought maybe it was a way to “Tag” another moving object. “1. Follow Touch Mode: Tap to toggle the Follow Touch mode. In this mode, the aircraft will follow the Touch mode marker instead of the mobile device.”

Here’s the answer to all 3 of you:

Interesting, I remember reading that the follow point was “draggable”, but I never thought of the setup as a dynamic action where the drone is following a constantly changing target point. It is kind of a waypoint/follow hybrid action since the drone can go to any place where you can drag the follow point, with no limit on the number of times you can use the action.