Collision Avoidance - Is it displayed on the screen?

I am using the Mavic Air (original). The drone has collision avoidance capabilities. In the DJI app my drone will beep when it gets too close to things. It stops. In addition, on my screen I get helpful information. Red bars appear to give me a sense of where the danger is.

When I use Litchi I dont seem to get any visual cue on the screen when the obstacle avoidance sensors are engaged. The drone beeps but the screen does not seem to report anything.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to toggle?

If this is expected behaviour I strongly suggest an update. It is very useful to have the collision warning displayed on screen.

No, does not display

You should see the distance to nearest object at the top of the video preview, when close to an object (and collision avoidance is ON)

How close should you fly?