Clearance to fly in restricted zone

Flying near a small airport, With DJI app I need to get automated approval to take off. With Litchi when I attempt to take off, like DJI the props do not spin and I get a restricted zone message and an UNLOCK selection but when I click on it the selection goes away but no further action is displayed and i can’t take off. My work around is to go back to the DJI app, UNLOCK the zone, then return to the Litchi app and proceed to takeoff.

The unlock button you see in Litchi is actually to unlock take off restriction when the satellite count is too low (not enough GPS signal) and the light level is low. In this situation DJI restricts take off and the button lets you unlock that (DJI Fly drones only).
Unfortunately you may see the unlock button under other errors like the no fly zone restriction errors, this is because DJI does not yet provide a way for us to know which error is which, they all have the same error code on iOS. We’ve asked DJI to fix this and hope they will soon. But for now, please ignore the unlock button unless it is shown under an error message that says something along the line of ‘take off restricted due to low gps signal and not enough light’.
We will try to see if we can scan the error text and hide the unlock button when it is not appropriate.

As for unlocking no fly zones, currently the only way is with the DJI app/website.

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It would be really nice to inform us about it when we plan missions in the mission hub. I just had the similar experience. I got all the permits to fly near a military airport in Portugal, talked to the captain, obtained an official permit, then drove 100 miles to the castle I wanted to film (and gas in Europe is pretty expensive). Then I called the airbase that I was going to take off. The drone does not take off. Apart from not being able to fly the mission, I became a laughing stock for the folks at the airbase.
DJI app is not an answer, it does not support waypoints. Please don’t treat us like little children, we are responsible people. Just let us sign a waver and fly in restricted zones. I won’t have an opportunity to take desired footage ever again, I am not going to travel from Canada to Portugal just to complete the mission. If mission hub would inform me that I will not be able to complete the mission, I would not waste my time and money, or I’d use different app.

No fly zones is a DJI firmware feature (onboard the drone), even if you fly using just the RC and without an app at all, you will still have zones where you can not fly.
To unlock a no fly zone, it must be done in DJI’s official app. Once the zone has been unlocked, you can fly using either DJI’s app or Litchi (you may need to manually take off).
To check if an area is a no fly zone, you can check online at Geo Zone Map - Fly Safe - DJI

Ideally Mission Hub would show no fly zones and you could unlock them inside Litchi but currently this is not possible. We hope to be able to add these features in future updates.


Thank you. Too bad it’s too late to try it, but thank you anyway. I will know what to do in the future.