Circle configuration

Hi folks,

I would like to introduce a cool function, I discovered at another drone (I believe it was C-Fly Faith 2).

Please let me describe. Instead of using the map and setting radius and POI, you do the following:

  1. Activate circle function
  2. Now fly over the POI, press enter
  3. Now fly to the edge of the radius, into the required height and adjust your camera point to the middle of the circle or to extern, or set it to any other point within the middle of the circle.
  4. Enter parameters, like speed, number of circles and to video or camera recording.
  5. Start the process.

Then the drone begins to start the circle and stops at the point of the beginning.

I think, this is easier to use, than with the map, as you can directly see the height and the distance from the drone, which is not really easy, when you have to use a map.

Just an idea, and I think this is the right category for this.

Best regards


Have used something similar on DJI and Autel, with litchi you could try orbit, set to inward or outward, set your radius, altitude, speed. So if looking inward, set a wider radius, if looking outward, then set to smallest radius possible and vary your speed. Slower for looking outward, faster for large radius looking inward. With Autel smart orbit you can go one step further which is while aircraft does orbit clockwise/counterclockwise, you can move inward/outward (push in/out), as well as go up/down and create a smooth eliptical capture.

That’s the Orbit-Mode (GPS based) in the DJI GO and DJI GO4 app.
Was abandoned with the Mavic-2 and replaced with the POI-Mode (Vision based).

Yes, I know this feature of course. But that was not my point. What I wanted to say, is that the way how you set radius and POI is super intuitiv and easy to do, how I described it. Sure, I can set everything in Litchi, but just flying to both poits (POI, then to the edge of the circle, then start circleling) is super, super easy. Was just a suggestion, and maybe the Litchi developers like this idea like I do and might want to implement it. Just a suggestion.



All very good, but the problem with that idea is that you are stuck
with just doing a circle / orbit, it is not possible to incorporate this into a larger litchi mission.

Try this super little program = https://www. wesbarris. com/drone/spiral.php

Draw a circle in Google Earth, export the circle from Google Earth as .kml file into
this web page, and this web page will convert the circle into litchi waypoints according to
whatever you have set in the parameters list.

Too much to explain here, read the instructions ! :smiley:

This circle / orbit can then be used as a part of a much larger litchi mission.
Saves a lot of time.