Chromebook Litchi?

I have an Asus Chromebook but the mission hub round slow or hangs in Chrome. I also have a PC and that’s worse on Chrome. For the PC, Opera works best and Chromebook, Firefox.

I was wondering if the app was going to be made compatible with Chromebook?

Have a Asus C434T chromebook my self, can’t say i’m experincing resonsive related issues.

However it would be great if i could install the android app on my chrome book and use it :slight_smile:

I have the C434 flip, Chrome constantly hangs but Firefox is fine. Weird.

We made some changes today which should make Mission Hub much more responsive, let us know if it helped! What's new - Litchi

Wow, don’t know what you changed but DuckDuck’s gone off my Chromebook and I’ve removed Opera off my PC, both needed to edit missions until now.

Please can you tell me whether or not these changes to improve Mission Hub’s performance on Chromebooks were successful? I’m on the verge of buying a Chromebook so that I can use Mission Hub in the field for search and rescue drone flights. I shall be tethering the Chromebook to my iPhone’s hotspot and then will (hopefully) be able to run Mission Hub within the Chrome browser. Many thanks.