"Chimney" function

To the developers of the Litchi program.

Firstly Let me. Complement you on a excellent program, I really enjoy flying Litchi.

From the heading you can deduct that I have a suggestion to please add to Litchi Waypoint, I call it “chimney” . If you have to descend down between for instance dense trees (or a real chimney) to take a beter photo during a waypoint program, you can not simply go down or continue to the nest point as you might crash into trees. There for I suggest to please add to the list of “actions” a “chimney” function to be able to adjust the UAV’s height before descending or continuing to the next waypoint.


Christi Grobbelaar

+27 73 747 2355

Who is stopping you from descending to any height and then specifying new mission points

You can stack a series of waypoints, each with exactly the same position co-ordinates,
one above the other at 1 or 2 metre increments in height.
Up or down.
Each waypoint can be at a slightly different heading for the camera view.
Speed between waypoints at 1 Km / hour.

The drone will fly in a vertical column and you can look around the full 360 degrees.

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Thanks Archer, didn’t think that was possible. Regards

Next question.
Is it possible to insert a waypoint before the first waypoint in a series?

No, but you can insert a new waypoint from waypoint 1,
and then you can move the original waypoint 1 to a new position.

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