Cheapest tablet/phone for Litchi/Phantom 3

Our local church, of near cathedral proportions has a Phantom 3 which it uses for periodic roof surveys and after gales to check tiles, gutters etc. Considerably cheaper than erecting scaffolding.
As it is flown by 3 or 4 people it would be more convenient for the “kit” to comprise the phone/tablet as well as the drone and controller. Also, I find that when I use it, my phone having a holder is awkward to fit in the controller holder. A cheap simple phone with no holder would be better.
Can anyone suggest the cheapest phone and tablet that would fit the task. Is a Sim essential if just using the drone for a local building survey - ie the church.
Thanks for considering the question.

A SIM isn’t essential, one of the phones I fly with has no SIM, I just have it set up to connect to a mobile hotspot on my normal phone


What model of P3?

Rod …

Model W23B
but I now have a much bigger problem. As a result of a crash, the camera unit has been dislodged from the drone body. The L shaped bracket that fixes the gimbal to the drone has come adrift. A (UK) drone fixer says they can’t get parts any more so I am the creek without a paddle - to mix my metaphors.

I know this s the wrong forum to ask but as it is a sort of follow on to above I’ll ask for suggestions!

So its a P3P? The forum says I have to put in at-least 20 charioteers (WT?)


I know its’s old but I don’t get the reference to charioteers!

I have 2 working P3A’a and MM1, I have never seen anything else, except my P3S, and my P2V+ that a lost July 25th 2015.


I think you are describing the yaw arm. I’ve replace one and they are still available. You can also have them 3D-printed. Depending on your technical ability, you can replace them yourself.


3D Print


I agree any P3* parts can be found.


I bought a used Google Pixel 3 XL off Amazon. No SIM needed. As Martin_Reading stated, you can just use your normal phone as a hotspot and it works just fine and fits nicely in the controller’s holder.

That’s useful to know - thanks.

“Characters” , not charioteers. Need to read it better.

That was a bit of a leap for the autocorrect. The future of AI?

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But you do some misspelling on purpose for memory variables.

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Wait till you get to my age (84) and have to add nominative aphasia into the mix. That’s the posh name of the memory issue that makes you forget common words and you can’t use the word you want, let alone spell it properly! (Note last 3 letters of my logon name!).

I’m closing this thread because the OP’s question has been answered and the discussion is deteriorating into that of a chat room.