Changing speeds in a waypoint mission

I’ve tried out my first few Waypoint missions with Litchi and a Mini 2, and I have a question.

I set a mission t go at Cruising Speed from Waypoint 1, to Waypoint 2, and then at Waypoint 3 it should slow down to 2 mph for a nice straight line for a hyperlapse. However, as soon as the drone started the mission it was was going at the slow speed that shouldn’t have happened until waypoint 3.

I double checked, and my cruising speed was set to a reasonable speed. Any idea what went wrong here, or how to get better control over the speed changes? maybe if I don’t use cruising speed at all, and program in 20 mph there?

Set the first few waypoint speeds manually eg. 5 10 15 to achieve a smooth launch,
then try setting a cruising speed after that.