Chụp HDR panorama bị lỗi chồng ảnh

I just bought the litchi application but when I took panorama hdr, it had an error of mismatched image details, damaged images, overlapping images, I took the drone to a repair center and the drone was fine. Not sure if it’s the app? Hope to receive feedback early.

I shoot a lot of panoramas using Litchi’s IOS version. We will need more details on what is going wrong.

When you say “mismatched image details”, are you talking about how the horizon of two images might be miss-aligned? That can happen occasionally. Try stitching the images manually using panorama software to see if that works better.

What do you mean by “damaged images”? Can you show an example?

What do you mean by “overlapping images”. When shooting a panorama, you would expect the images to overlap. Otherwise, one would not be able to stitch them.

In order to help, we need to better understand what you are doing and experiencing.