Certificate Error

Hey everyone!

I’ve been using Litchi for a bit more than a year and never had problems reaching the site. But with the beginning of last week, i get a “certificate error” when trying to reach the site. When this error occurs, i can access the forum, but can not log in there, and i can not access the mission-hub.

Has anything changed on the network at your end, what anti virus/firewall are you using, also what browser, I’m guessing the problem must be your end as if it was the site there would be more reports

Hi Martin!

I’m in a corporate environment and i don’t know what could have changed in my network that could cause this. Do you have any pointers that i could relay to our IT Departement of what they should look into?
It could be our network, since some of my collegues had the same issue. How would i go about getting to the root of the problem?

Edit: The problem is at least on chrome and edge.

I’d have a word with your IT folk, maybe they’ve installed new software or something that’s causing the conflict, also try a different browser such as Firefox

Obviously Corporate already did…

The issue could be solved by our IT Department with some input of litchi staff.
Thank you!

Like Martin suspected, the issue was on our end.

Good to set you got it sorted OK :+1: