Cardinal direction on the main screen

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Is it possible to add the cardinal direction to the user interface?

The main idea to have the direction on the screen is the situation when a drone in a area with a very strong interference, like an anti drone rifle, so the video signal is weak or no gps signal. Cardinal direction indicator will be very helpful I guess.

I think when the drone is loosing the gps signal than the drone indicator is missing on the map, so it’s impossible to know the drone direction. Am I right?

I suggest a two places where to put the new indicator and they are highlighted on a screenshot attached.

Thank you!

I cannot see any point with putting a compass on the Litchi screen.
You know where north is when you made the mission on the Litchi Hub.

it is completely irrelevant to know where North is when flying a drone.
It will be just more clutter cluttering up the litchi screen.


Where are you flying with such things?

Totally agree with @archer don’t need any more clutter on the screen & I fly using a tab 7fe

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I’m talking about drone’s cardinal direction. My point is that it’s easy to lost the drone’s cardinal direction when you are looking at a video feed and if you reach an anti drone rifle zone than you have to quickly determine the direction to you(pilot). So if the drone lost the gps signal and video feed, but the rc still receive a telemetry info this is a chance to save the drone. Am I wrong?

Let’s say a combat zone

Just hit RTH, the drone will find its own way home

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I won’t use RTH in my case. No gps signal, so the drone doesn’t know his location and will just hover I guess.

So in my mind I have only one option to find the way home, quickly move the joystick to me based on the drone’s cardinal direction.

the home point is stored in the drones memory when you launch, and if set up properly should automatically return to home when it loses signal

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Thank you!
Let me clarify my case. An anti drone rifle is blocking or spoofing the gps signal, the drone will have a wrong coordinates or zero satellites so the drone can’t find the right way home, after I press RTH it will fly to a wrong direction or will hover or land just there, what I’m trying to avoid.

With the ‘Radar’ (2) and ‘Unlock Map Orientation’ (12), you should be able to do what you describe.

The Compass Symbol (12) will point to true north when:
1- Unlocked, it’s color will turn from white to green.
2- The build in compass of your smart device is properly callibrated.


Thank you!
I’m afraid that Aircraft (5) in an anti drone rifle range will get a wrong coordinates or will get a low or zero satellites and will be showing at wrong location or will be missing on the map, so the Radar (2) won’t be helpful. Am I wrong?

Show in the radar the degrees to which the drone flies, thanks

How about correcting residual (after calibration) compass azimuth deviation error?
Check out for test results & examples related to “Fixing Rangefinder & Smartphone Residual Compass (azimuth) Deviation Errors”