Can't validate license

I never had issues before. Now, when I attempt to launch Litchi mobile on my Samsung S10 I get an error message saying that it’s unable to validate the license.
Also, when I go to the Play Store and attempt download the app I get an error message saying to try again.

Sounds like you are trying to use different credentials (email, password, etc) to sign in.
Is it the same phone that you have always used? or a new one?

It’s the same phone. I used Litchi just a few days prior. I’m wondering if I might have changed/reconfigured something on my phone. I had issues with using tap and pay with a credit card and played around with Settings.

you changed the Google account, and it wont let you sign into the Litchi account
You’ll have to change it back to the account you used when you set up Litchi.

I agree, must be related to your google account on a Android. Been down that same street with apple. I paid for both at the same time, I haven’t figured out my google play, to many android devices, etc.

Most important, post again if you figure it out on not!


Looks like an issue with internet connection.