Can't open the litchi website on my computer

This is quite interesting and I’m about to reinstall my windows10 again, however, same thing happened on my android phone as well. So if anyone who had similar experience, I’m beggin you please stop me the reinstalling…

As you see the screen shot, I can’t reach out the any data from the, oh by the way my locaiton is Korea, except the opera through the VPN.

Thought this was related to firewall or defender setting so tried adding exception and turning off the defender etc but didn’t worked. I use my internet through my phone hot spot so, tested it out on the phone, chrome, didn’t work. But, interestingly I downloaded opera mini browser on my phone and it worked. lol

In my guess, re-installation is not really helping but this is pretty much my last option based on my lack of knowledge.

Anyone who got thorugh a similar experience?


This is more likely a network issue rather than a Windows issue. Re-install Windows if you like but that is not likely to be the solution.

If you are familiar with troubleshooting networks, that would be the way to start. I would do the following:

  1. Use “nslookup” to obtain the IP address of
  2. Do a “traceroute” (tracert on windows) to that IP address to see where the network issue is.

Perhaps your VPN is causing this.

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Oh wow, didn’t expect that hearing from you sir!

Anyway, long journey short answer. Today I got a phone call from my mobile service provider and was told it’s working now. I’m more than happy now!

The issue was DNS server of Iceland, maybe getting through that region? was the issue. So they requested the fix whatever issue with it, and now I’m on the chorme without VPN. The thing is this didn’t happen a couple of months ago.

Kinda reminds me how small things need to be appreciated sometimes. :wink:

Oh thanks for reply Wesbarris.

We recently updated the server IP that points to (need for security updates etc)
Seems like that created issues in south korea as we received a similar report from SK telecom…who knows what happened there!

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