Can't login to Litchi

I’m fairly new to Litchi and have done about 10 missions thus far. I put the Litchi app on my two phones, one with internet service and one without (which I mainly use because it has a bigger screen). New missions show up on my phone with internet service but not on the one with the larger screen. Worked fine a month ago. I logged in and out on the mission hub and tried to do the same on my phone (someone’s advice I came across). I get a login failed message and can no longer see any of my missions. Any ideas on how to log back in would be appreciated.

You didn’t say, so I have to ask…

Did you connect your larger device to WiFi prior to looking for your new missions?


Thanks for the reply. My phone said I was connected but it turned out I wasn’t. Something is wrong with our modem. Used my wife’s hot spot and was able to log in and get my missions. Thanks so much for your help.

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