Can't get out of VR

Have a DJI Mavic Air 2. Was testing out the VR settings using my iphone. On the ground it seemed to work ok. I was able to turn off the VR mode by sliding a toggle on the App. When I was flying it was different story! I wanted to turn of the VR and fly without the goggles. The app wouldn’t allow me to switch. I was starting to run out of battery, and it went into the fly back to the home point. I tried to take control of the Mavic since there was some wires nearby, I didn’t want to get close to. I could control the Mavic only in some respects. I could get it to descend and fly forward me but when I released the sticks to neutral, the Mavic ascended and went backwards. I was only able to get it into a descending flight by using the function of pressing the two sticks inward and down. And then finally the down position on the left stick. Now I am wondering if perhaps the Litchi app has different controller modes, have to check that out.

You can set the Fn-key to " VR mode : Toggles VR mode."

I’ll give that a try, thanks