Cannot transfer Litchi mission from app on Android 12 to Mission Hub

I created a mission using Litchi version 4.26.7-g on my Samsung Galaxy M31 phone running Android 12. I used the “Waypoint at Aircraft” to create a mission while flying. I then flew the mission which worked perfectly. But when I tried to open the mission in Litchi Mission Hub on my PC the saved mission was not there, but was still visible on my phone. Other missions created on my PC were listed on both the PC and phone. I then tried creating a mission on an old Moto G4 Plus that is running Android 7 (still with same version of Litchi), and that appeared in the mission hub as soon as I saved it on my old phone. So it is as if Litchi is not able to save missions to the Mission Hub on Android 12, but just somehow saves them locally. Does anyone know if it is possible to get this to work? There is no problem transferring missions the other way round!

Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thanks.

Check the “GENERAL” setting “Sync Local Missions”.

Also, check to be sure that you are logged in to Litchi with your Litchi credentials on your Samsung Galaxy.

Wow, that was quick! Thanks guys, I checked the “Sync Local Missions” setting on both phones. It wasn’t turned on on the Samsung phone, but it is now and it’s synced fine, so thanks very much for the help! I had a nasty feeling that it might be Android version related, but it was just me all along! Cheers.