Cannot fly in "restricted area"?

I am trying to be respectful , but if I follow instruction and it still doesn’t work???

OK, I try to do it again, take screenshots as well…

but wait a second - I remember when Litchi didn’t allow me to start : " warning…’ in order to fly I had to uninstall Litchi , turn on DJI Fly that didn’t warn me about anything, which means DJI Fly was not asking me to unlock before I take off…

I finally figured it out, let it be the instruction for those who know their phone but are frustrated Litchi hasn’t provided any more details.

  1. On your phone - go to Settings - Apps - Apps - find Litchi, click on it then Force Stop.
    2.Open DJI Fly like wanted to fly and unlock any restrictions. Even if you don’t have any - close DJI Fly.
  2. Open Litchi and take off ( no warnings )
    Note: you don’t have to Force Stop DJI Fly…

another question:
How to synchronize Litchi Flight log with DJI Fly log? I would like to have all my flights on DJI Fly log.


I’m glad you got it working. One thing that doesn’t add up in your description is having to use “Force Stop”. If you had previously used “Force Close” on Litchi, there should be no Litchi process running to “Force Stop”. I’m not an Android user so maybe another Android user can help to clear this up. While in your case “Force Stop” worked, “Force Close” is a cleaner method for stopping an application and removing it from memory.

While you can sync both DJI logs and Litchi logs to a service like AirData, the two logs are different in format. I do not believe it is possible (or desirable) to sync Litchi logs to DJI. DJI doesn’t provide any service to analyze log files. However, AirData and “Phantom Help” are two services that can be used to analyze either type of log.

J’ai changé de téléphoneet mon drone est un DJI Mavic mini ne peut pas installer sur mon nouveau téléphone DJI. Doigt car il n’est pas compatible avec mon nouveau téléphone donc j’ai achetée Litchi. Mais voilà ce que je pouvais faire avec DJI sur certain site je ne peux le faire avec Litchi . En plus je suis en aglomeration et je peux voler avec Litchi et dans certaines zone dégagé je ne peux pas le faire décoller je suis déçu

To fly in controlled airspace with DJI products you always need to get permission and unlock through DJI Fly Safe first – even if using other software like Litchi for the actual flight operation. You can obtain permission by following the steps detailed at this site: Fly Safe - DJI. When very close to airports, heliports, military bases, national borders or prisons, you may have to upload clearance documents from your country’s aviation authority or Air Traffic Control agency in order to unlock the drone.

Even if DJI GO, DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly are NOT going to be used in your flight operation, you have to start with your DJI app in order to unlock the controlled airspace. This will load the data on to your drone. Afterwards, close down your DJI app and boot up Litchi or any other apps you use.

It is a bit of a bumpy procedure, and not particularly well explained on the DJI site, but once you get the hang of the process it does work smoothly.