Cannot connect Mini 3 Pro to Litchi Pilot app ... any help?

Hi. Been a while since I have had chance to fly my Mini 3 Pro. I want to fly it via the Litchi Pilot app on my Samsung Tab Active 3 but I am not able to connect the drone to it. The app opens up and just sits there and says drone not connected.

I have forced stopped DJI Pilot app and also force stopped Litchi Pilot and then relaunched Litchi Pilot. I noticed Im not getting a notification asking me to grant all necessary permissions for this app to function correctly.

Please can someone talk me through step by step how to successfully connect the drone to the Litchi Pilot app. Note I have updated Litchi Pilot app to the latest version.

The drone connects to the remote controller.
The remote controller connects to the device/app.

This means the drone & controller are not linked.

However I think the actual message you see is “DISCONNECTED”, please check again !
In that case try re-installing Litchi Pilot.

Btw: by DJI Pilot you mean DJI Fly?

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thanks for your advice. Im going to try uninstalling Litchi Pilot and then reinstall it. Also should I uninstall DJI Fly from the tablet and only have Litchi Pilot app set up on it?

Finally solved it … turned out to be a couple of issues. I unbound the RC1N controller via DJI Fly app and then rebound it. DJI Fly was then subjected to a Force Stop. Had my doubts about the cheaply made Chinese USB-C to USB-C cable linking the RC1N controller to the Tab 3 tablet so replaced it with a much sturdier cable and a notification flagged up on the screen asking if I wanted to set it Litchi Pilot the default app, so hit yes and immediately the controller, tablet and the drone all linked up and showed the drone camera view on the tablet. Now my Mini 3 Pro drone is flying waypoint missions (that I created via Google Earth then saved as a KMZ file and then ran through Litchi Mission Utilities) on the Litchi Pilot app.

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Would it be correct to presume that your Mini 3 Pro flies these waypoint missions under the “Virtual Sticks” protocol whereby the drone executes a signal loss-induced Return To Home whenever connectivity between the drone and its controller is interrupted during a waypoint mission?

In other words, I am hoping to hear that the DJI SDK for the Mini 3 drone has been modified to enable waypoint missions to be completed even if signal connectivity to the controller is lost during such missions. Your clarification would be appreciated sir.

The newer ones are all Virtual Stick, the only ones that can be entirely onboarded and flown autonomously (aside from the native waypoints on the Mavic 3, Air 3, and Mini 4 Pro), are the older drones using the Go4 app: Mavic Pro, Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Spark. And Phantoms.

I appreciate this response even though I’d been hoping that DJI might have changed their mind about limiting the Mini 3 to waypoint flying within range of the controller only. Oh well, I’ll put up my Mini 3 for sale and snag a nice used Mavic 2 Zoom to go with my Mavic 2 Pro.

If I didn’t live where the Mavic 2 is so restricted, I’d go and do exactly that. Love my Mavic 2 Zoom but to go fly it takes some planning now.

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Yes the Mini 3 Pro flies under the Virtual Sticks protocol. However, Im unable to answer your query as I have never experienced an interrupt between the drone and the controller.