Cannot adjust lItchi Go Home Altitude & Maximum Altitude on Mini 2

I was wondering how I adjust the Go Home and Maximum Altitude. They seem to be stuck at 200 ft, and 249 ft, respectively. When I try to change them, I get a message saying that I need to connect my drone to my controller (or something close to that) when I’m connected and flying using the app.
By the way, I’m flying a Mini 2 using an Android Samsung Galaxy S10, App Version 4.20.0

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


You have to have your Mini 2 turned on and connected to your controller, just like you’re about to fly. The info about RTH and maximum altitude are stored on the drone. The app can’t access or change that information unless it is connected to the drone.

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I just realised that if you had altitudes already displayed, then maybe your drone and controller ARE connected. Have you checked if the problem is also coming up on the DJI Fly app?