Cancelling return to home behavior

i’m using mavic mini 1. after i flew the drone ~2km, i got a return to home operation due to lost signal but i also got an option to cancel it and i wonder what will be the behavior if i cancel it.
what if i want to cancel and try to renew the connection by pointing the remote better and then continue the flight? is that possible or is it hard coded in the drone itself to go back once the connection is lost no matter what is done from the remote?

What I would suggest is let it start coming home, then once you’ve got signal again , then cancel the RTH, once you’re sure you’ve got control

but what happens if the signal is lost again or in the 2nd or 3rd time? will it do the RTH every time? kind of scary pressing the cancel without knowing, but on the other hand i would like to continue the flight further

Yes it will just do what it is set to do in the settings in case of signal loss, i.e RTH, hover or land

sorry i don’t understand - so what is the meaning of cancel RTH and what does it mean exactly

if you cancel RTH, the drone will stop coming back to the home point and as long as you’ve got connection you can continue flying, once the battery gets below a certain point, you can’t cancel RTH, I highly suggest you either RTM or watch some of the basic instructional videos


To cancel rth, you need to communicate with the drone. After canceling rth, the aircraft will hold the GPS position. To continue the mission, you need to download it again.