Can you save a Mission in Windows and open it on an Iphone?

I use my Android (Windows) tablet to fly my Mini 2, but when my new Dronemask 2 comes, I will want to use my Iphone to run the missions. So I was wondering if you saved the Missions on a Windows formatted machine, to the Litchi Site, Can I retrieve the Missions on Litchi, now running on my Iphone?

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That is, for most people, the main feature of Litchi. Yes, you can design a waypoint mission from the comfort of your home computer (Windows or Mac), then load and fly that mission from a mobile device.

Of course you must be logged into your Litchi account when using the Mission Hub on your Windows computer AND logged into your Litchi account in Litchi on your mobile device for this to work.

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You’ll have to buy another license, for the iphone as the android one wont do

Surely a restructuring of the way users log in is the better way to manage multi-device licenses.

different licenses for different OS as they require different software to work with the different OS

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Thank you. I bought another license and yes it does now lets me move thru all devices. Litchi is great.

The point is you don’t need two accounts to use Twitter or something else on two operating systems.
The app could be free but making an account would cost. I suspect the T&C’s made by app stores prevent companies from operating in such a way (they wouldn’t get a massive cut of the sale).

There are 3rd party apps out there, that use cross platform licenses, and I use one for my mini2, however, the version I use is about £100 compared to the £25 that litchi costs, mind you it does do a lot more than litchi as well

You can also share any of your missions with anyone in separate files. You do not need to open access to them online. Just copy the file and send it to whoever you want.