Can we have a mission resume after a brief signal loss?

I do a lot of waypoint missions and love the ability to check them out before a run, then just go to the location and fly.

I do quite often get momentary losses of signal during a mission though and when this happens, my mini 2 just stops where it is and a message comes up saying mission aborted. This happened today when the drone was within about 50m of me in plain sight, lost the signal for about 2 seconds because I turned the controller away.

I know the mini 2 doesn’t store the waypoints, but doesn’t the app itself know where you are in a mission so that in theory it could resume the mission where it left off when the signal comes back?

I know you can start a mission at any waypoint, but when you have a hundred waypoints close together in a mission, it’s very difficult to know which waypoint you are at to restart it, and to select that waypoint on the small screen of a phone.

A simple popup to resume mission or terminate it would be great.

should be possible, another software does this for things like battery changes as well as signal loss

I believe, when you lost signal, you can reconnect by changing the flight speed from S to P or C, wherever you are, change it to any other mode.

Good luck!


I know for a fact, when signal is lost, anything you do on the RC or in the app won’t reach the drone, so doesn’t do anything.

I know for a fact, switching from N(P) to either S or C will cancel a waypoint mission in order to regain manual controll, but ONLY works if there’s a connection between the AC and RC (see first fact).