Can waypoint rotation speed be set?

Is there a way to set the speed of rotation at a waypoint? I would like to slow it down.
Dave Christensen

It’s not completely clear from what you wrote, but if you are referring to the “Rotate Aircraft” waypoint action (used with straight line missions), no the rotation speed cannot be set. However, that waypoint action is simply meant for positioning the camera prior to taking a photo. It is not meant for yawing during video capture.

If I misunderstood your question, please rephrase.


Yes I would like to slowly yaw the camera during video capture. Is there a way to do that? Maybe orbiting a point of interest with an altitude equal to the drone altitude would work.

I just purchased Litchi and am learning how to use it. I appreciate the help, especially when I ask stupid questions.

Dave Christensen

For video capture, in the mission settings, set the “Path Mode” to “Curved Turns”. Then, place several waypoints at desired locations where each waypoint has a different heading. As your drone flies the mission, it will “smoothly” rotate from the heading defined at one waypoint to the heading defined at the following waypoint.

I quoted the word “smoothly” because with newer DJI drones, Litchi has no choice but to use “Virtual Sticks” to fly a waypoint mission. “Virtual Stick” missions are not as smooth as “Onboard Waypoint” missions that are possible in older DJI drones.

There are 2 different situations being mentioned here.

  1. Rotating the aircraft while it is stationary at a Waypoint while panning the view. No, I dont think you can slow that rotation speed down.
  2. Orbiting around a Point of Interest, while you focus on that single point. Yes, you can control the speed, altitude and distance away from that POI.

Can you accomplish your goal by recording at a higher frame rate, then slowing the playback in post?

Tom, thanks for the response. I think orbiting will work for me.