Can someone confirm these specs for teh DJI mini 4 pro?

I am trying to create reliable flight plans to create orthophotos and need to check these parameters. Can anyone else confirm or correct them?

DJI mini 4 Pro
Model: FC8482
Aperature Value F 1.70
actual Focal Length: 6.72mm
35mm equiv. Focal length: 24mm
Image Width: 8064
Image height: 6048

Thanks for your help?

My workflow is to create the flight plan with litchi and take gps ground control points with the Emlid Reach RX. Postprocessing with Agisoft Metashape pro.



Mini 4 Pro specs from

  "makeModel": "djiFC8482",
  "isThermal": false,
  "ccdWidthMMPerPixel": "0.002225663181466/1.0",
  "ccdHeightMMPerPixel": "0.002221383424304/1.0",
  "widthPixels": 4032,
  "heightPixels": 3024,
  "comment": "DJI Mini 4 Pro",
  "lensType": "perspective",
  "radialR1": 0.14007904012723732,
  "radialR2": -0.39797006527367595,
  "radialR3": 0.4837999442176295,
  "tangentialT1": -0.0033106377888616196,
  "tangentialT2": 0.002201030939220962

I compute the true focal length to be: 6.88 mm