Can no longer connect to DJI Mini 2

I am using a Google Pixel 3 and have flown the DJI Mini 2 with Litchi many times. Today I tried to use Litchi for the first time in a while, but it remains disconnected. I don’t have the DJI Fly App since my phone doesn’t support the latest updates. I have that software on a different phone, so I use two different phones with the same drone. The DJI Fly app works fine on the other phone.
I have to explicitly start Litchi, and then I can see the location on the screen, but I can’t see anything through the drone camera. I can actually fly the drone manually, but it still shows as disconnected.
I forced the software to stop and cleared the cache. Have also re-started everything several times.
Any ideas?

In your case there’s NO Connection between the controller and the Pixel 3.
Perhaps a faulty USB cable and/or USB port on the Pixel 3.

One day, accumulated/pushed in dust at the bottom of the port prevented me from plugging in the cable far enough to make a connection.

Yes, thanks, that’s it. I actually cleaned the port on my phone the other day just enough to charge it, but there’s probably still stuff there and in the cable. I got it going with another cable. I use a Motorola Revvlry with the DJI fly app and I think I’ll use Litchi there as well. Cost about $80 and it’s a better than the (old) Pixel 3.