Can Litchi create a simulation capability to run flight missions on the computer?

Is it possible for Litchi to add a simulation capability that would allow users to play the mission project before actual flight? It would be helpful for newer users like myself, to see how the drone will behave before getting to the project site. Any errors would be easily seen and could corrected beforehand. Thanks.

Version 4.18.0 (Nov 20, 2020)
-added Simulator Mode, enable/disable it with a long press on the top bar’s flight mode (requires a connection to the drone).

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Would be nice to be able to do it on the PC, without going into google earth

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Thanks for the help TriBar. I will give it a try!

I wonder how much trouble it would be to include a “Mission Playback” button with the planner? It could simply use a virtual drone to follow the heading, altitude and speed set in the planner from the same overhead view. Any mistakes could be detected before the project was saved and it could be considered a important safety feature. A side view option could also help with planning altitude transitions.

You may also wish to consider using Virtual Litchi Mission. It is what I use to test any new mission after its initial design prior to actually flying the mission.

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Thank you for the suggestion wesbarris, I will give it a try!

Do you know if the VLM will work with the Air 2s or other DJI Fly app drones? Older videos say it won’t work but was wondering if that had been fixed. Thanks.

Yes, it will work with the Air 2s or any other DJI drone. Virtual Litchi Mission is (for the most part) independent of what drone you use (except for the FOV setting). I use it for a drone as old as the Phantom 3 as well as a Mavic 2 and an Air 2s.

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Thanks again for the help! I think I am almost there, but after “Exporting as VLM”, then what? This example doesn’t elaborate but do they want me to open the .kml file with Google Earth? I tried and nothing happened and there are no files in the Temporary Places folder. The older videos show a Setup tab where you choose your drone so much of this info is out of date. How do I get the .kml file into the Google Earth Pro Temporary Places folder? Thanks again.

Litchi Virtual Mission (Browser Extension)

  1. Install google-earth(-pro) desktop app.
  2. Go to Mission Hub - Litchi.
  3. Select a mission, click “MISSIONS”->“Export as VLM”, it will download . kml file.
  4. Click downloaded . …
  5. In google earth click mission name under “Temporary places” and double-click “Virtual mission”

I don’t use the browser extension. I’m not sure of its current state. I use the stand-alone application. The download link is in the page that I mentioned above.

I have my PC’s set to automatically open the KML in google earth

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Thanks for all the help with VLM Martin_Reading, wesbarris and TriBar. This has answered most of what I needed and can hardly wait to get busy creating and flying. I will try and return the favor as I learn more and gain experience. Happy flying!