Can I use on two different apple accounts or get money back

Hi new to this forum I purchased app on my Apple iPad because it’s just easier to read and intended to then install on my Apple phone but realised I have two different apple accounts and I need it on my phone to fly. Can I add to both, if not can I get my money back and then buy again on my phone or is there some way to transfer over from iPad to iPhone.

Any help appreciated

All of your IOS devices should be set up using the same Apple ID in the App Store. It doesn’t make sense to be using multiple Apple IDs because any purchase using one Apple ID cannot be downloaded (without paying again) on another device using a different Apple ID. Before dealing with Litchi you should get your Apple ID situation cleared up and organized better.

You will need to contact Litchi ( to see if you can be refunded for your initial purchase.

Another thing you can do (and I hesitate to even suggest this) is to log out of iCloud on the device you wish to install Litchi, then temporarily log into that device with the Apple ID used when you purchased Litchi, download and install Litchi, then log out again and log back in using that devices original Apple ID. However, this is a mess. You really need to remedy your Apple ID situation on all of your IOS devices.

Thanks for your reply, in most cases you are right but the reason I had a new Apple ID for my phone is because I have two other iPhones, 3 iPads Apple Mac Pro and two iMac’s on one account shared with my wife and I wanted a separate one because I am fed up getting everything duplicated.
Will look at what you suggested​:blush::+1:

Thinking about it, it may be easier just to buy another app for my new phone but would I be able to work on both, in other words plan out a route on my iPad/Mac and then sent it to my iPhone which will be on another account?

As long as the Litchi App on both devices are logged into the same Litchi account you will be able to see and share the same missions on both.

Yes, as long as you use the same Litchi account.

Ok that may be the best solution then, thanks.