Can I use Litchi with a DJI RC controller

I’m sure it has been asked before, but can the Litchi app be used with the RC Controller? So far (not long!) I have used Litchi with an RC N-1 and a 9th-generation 10.5-inch iPad combination with an Air 2S.

I am confused because while I want to switch to the DJI RC controller to lighten my load and the additional controls, I’ve read that the RC only works with the DJI Fly app.

@Ellis_Vener I believe that you need the RC Pro in order to use Litchi. If I am not mistaken, you will need to use the Amazon version (which is Android) since the controller is DJI.

How to install Litchi on DJI monitors

Litchi is available on the Amazon app store for devices which do not support google services. This include devices from brands like Huawei as well as DJI monitors.

Compatible DJI Monitors

  1. On your DJI monitor (or other mobile device), open this web page (DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi) and tap here to install the Amazon Appstore