Can I use DJI 2 cine mode (new user)

can i use the dji mini 2 cine mode on my controller for auto flights

No, in ‘auto flight’ called waypoint missions, cine mode is irrelative.
You either set an overall speed for all waypoints or a speed for each waypoint individually.

Also the maximum possible speed in a waypoint mission equals the maximum speed of your drone in position mode (10m/s).

Also the rotation speed used in the waypoint action ‘rotate aircraft’ will be the maximum angular speed of your particullar drone in normal mode (60°/s).

Familiarize yourself with the specs of your drone:

and read the user manual of your drone:

and litchi’s online user guide:

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Thanks got that - so if I want to reduce my speed equal to the DJI Cine mode, I enter that speed in the mission.
Just noticed in the Litchi app Go to Home Alt & Max Alt, does this need to be set for each mission. If left empty will it follow the settings set in the DJI app.
Sorry to go on…

Those settings are stored in the drone itself and won’t change unless you change them in whatever app you are using.
They are NOT part of a mission.

Thanks for your help