Can I transfer my Litchi license from iOS to Android?

When I purchased my Mini 2, I quickly found out that the iPad Mini 4 I was using for my Spark drones would not work well with the Mini 2 as there is way too much screen lag and I also found out that the iPad Mini 4 is not supported for the DJI Fly app as well, per DJI support.

I would like to transfer my Litchi license over to the Android version so I can use my newer Lenovo Tab 10 and or my LG Android phone. I am really interested in using the Litchi VR version on my phone right now for one thing. Is it possible to switch the license from one platform to another?


See question #10.

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Thanks. As I see it, I purchased Litchi once and in doing so, I should be able to use the app on whatever platform I choose without having to purchase it a second time. As I am now retired and living on a very small fixed income, the price of Litchi is now an expense that I cannot justify purchasing a second time. I guess that I will have to do without it now. Happy Holidays.

Yes, I understand.

I can also understand Litchi’s perspective. The IOS and Android flavors of Litchi are two separate code bases which must be developed separately. Even though they share 95% of the functions, they are two separate and different pieces of code.

For what it’s worth, the cost of Litchi is minimal when compared the the cost of a drone, and well worth it.


Grey Wolf, I’m getting up there in years as well, out here in the boonies, and I am by no stretch of the imagination well off, but, if you are prepared to post your PayPal handle here for a couple of hours today December 9th, 2022, I am prepared to dispatch by homing pigeon a modest Xmas gesture of $25 USD that will contrast with my track record as a penny-pinching miser who tools around in a quarter-century old bone-shaker.

I can only hope Old Saint Nick is taking note of my offer here, and filing it along with my expressed desire to score a date with a starlet before the wind leaves my sails for good.


Hi Mad_Pup, I appreciate your offer but I have already purchased the Android version of the app.

Merry Christmas.


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I agree that it is worth it so I did purchase the Android version.



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Good on yer, Grey Wolf. With Litchi for both IOS and Android in your arsenal, all drones you fly going forward will be imparted with Litchi’s magical properties. Merry Xmas in and blue skies for New Year 2023.

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Litchi’s policy is nothing more than a money grab. The development costs for both platforms has nothing to do with this petty policy. They have issued a license for the app fee which very easily could be confined to use on one device be it android or IOS. Total BS. I am also caught up in this greed and I refuse to bend. I will make due and hold fast.

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When you use the term “money grab” it makes me think of either pharmaceutical or gas companies.

I used to lead a software development team. One of our data collection applications was Android-based. We wanted to expand to the Windows platform for hardware reasons. We ended up having to re-write the application for Windows. Once web-app technology became available, we re-wrote the application a third time as a web-app. Going forward, this allowed us to support both hardware platforms with one development effort. Development costs are real. Maintaining two very similar applications in separate code bases requires extra effort.

My phone and flying devices are strictly IOS-based. All apps that I use must be installed and purchased (if necessary) through the IOS “App Store”. I’m curious, do you know of any apps (which require payment) that could be downloaded for free through either Google Play or the Amazon app store if I have already paid for them in the IOS App Store? I’ve never looked for something like this but I’m curious if other app developers do this without using some sort of time-based subscription service.

If you have extenuating circumstances that required you to move from one platform to another after purchasing the Litchi app, contact support ( and explain your situation. Perhaps they can help you.

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I use several programs that will run on either iOS or Windows. Because I purchased a license an id was generated unique to me. They only allow one instance to be running at a time whether it be windows or iOS. Litchi was developed to run on both platforms so the costs are already part of their business model and accounted for. There wasn’t any need to assemble a special team to problem solve some special circumstance. I have emailed them with this issue and was not even given the courtesy of a response. They are enjoying the bounty of the harvest. They understand what $25 is to a consumer on a singular level and they REALLY understand what $25 is on a world wide scale. Just my opinion and perception.

I was asking if you knew of any IOS/Android apps that allow what you are asking. Requiring that only one instance (network access) be running obviously wouldn’t work. Can you imagine the key-sharing that would occur if unique IDs were issued?

Because this thread is going nowhere, I am closing it.