Can I switch off the camera info bar (iOS-version 2.13, but I guess Android too)

Hello, now I’m regularly flying with Litchi, I don’t need the camera infobar (sorry i typed camsettings before) all the time on screen. The infobar like "Auto ISO 3200 1/25s f/2.8 EV -0.3” blocks my view.
To my surprise I do not seem to be able to switch if off in general settings, nor in camera settings.
Here’s a link to an example
If this is not possible, can this idea be forwarded to developers please?
Hope I’m wrong, but read all the help and did not find this as a possiblity. Too bad.
Cheers Ernie.

Hi Ernie,

I’m not sure if this is what you mean but just below the “take photo” / “start/stop video” button is the camera settings icon. Press it once to make the camera settings appear. Press it again to make the camera settings disappear.

Is that what you mean?

Thanks for your quick reply Wesbarris, but that’s the settings menu you’re referring to. I’m talking about the camera info bar. The bar that shows “Auto ISO 3200 1/25s f/2.8 EV -0.3” for example. I have edited my topic a bit to be more precise now.

Hi Ernie, let me help you with a few informations that I know. In the GENERAL menu, there are some items that you can turn on / turn off and course, it will be displayed on your litchi screen or not. The possibilities that I know are: Show Home Orientation, Show GPS Coordinates, Show VPS Height when used and Show Battery Voltage. Unfortunately I sold my Mini 2 to buy a Air 2S and for now there are no possibilities to fly e check if there are anothers features, I believe that its not possible. Good luck and good flights.

Well you certainly have a sharp memory for someone that can not verify on the spot! Indeed those are the only options to either display or not and cam-infobar is not one of them :frowning:
Too bad for me, but I do hope this can be picked up by the development team, or do I need to place the idea/topic in the other section myself, you think?

I would recommend posting your request in the “Ideas & Suggestions” section.

donnit :slight_smile: thanks for your time! (awaiting moderation)

Hello buddy. It’s a pleasure to help. Hope that you find the solution. I will be following the solution for your topic from far away.

Thanks, I’ve launched the subject in the idea section. Would you be willing to upvote it there?
Does far far away means ISS? :slight_smile: (cause there’s a no-fly-zone there, that’s hard for a drone lover hahahahah)

Hey Wesbarris, my idea got approuved in the ‘ideas and suggestions’ section! Would you be willing to upvote it there please? Thanks!

Personally as a photographer who flys with the Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro I want the photo settings displayed. They only take up a very small area on the screen and for me they don’t detract from what I am looking at.

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I totally agree John that they can be very usefull, only if they’re not (for example at repetative equal flights), they become a stand in the way for the camera image. Certainly when you’re flying forward faster, the upper half of the screen becomes more important cause that’s where the potential collision danger lies. If there’s a bunch of digits sitting right in front of it, it becomes annoying. I’d say either make them, like other features, switchable on/off or put them in the bottom of the screen. I hope you agree and would be willing to upvote my topic in the section “Ideas and Suggestions” ?

Isn’t there a tiny X to close it? I seem to remember having same issue but closed ut somehow. I could be wrong but I seem to remember a tiny which is semi transparent therefore not so obvious?? Will double check when I fly tomorrow.

Thanks for your reply Andy. Did you click on the link added in the topic maybe? No x to be seen. Maybe you were thinking of the little - and + icons to (de)activate the picture-in-picture right hand bottom? But that’s not the same.