Can I switch from FCC or CE mode

With the litchi app is there the possibility to switch from FCC to CE mode?

Short answer: No.

Older drone can be tricked with apps like ‘Fake GPS’ to switch between the two, but only because they have the phisical hardware to be able to.

Newer drones (that use the DJI Fly app) are specifically build for a certain region.
Drones sold in Europe only have CE and drones sold in the US only have FCC capability. They come with a different remote controller.

You can read about this in the Specs of your drone.
Example from Mini SE:


very helpful, thanks.

Alfredo, what drone do you have, mini 2?

No, I have a mini se.

Ah ok. Don’t know to much about the se.

You most certainly can! Don’t believe the naysayers! But it depends on what you are trying to achieve with this change?

Are you trying to enable 5.8ghz transmission in a country which doesn’t allow it? I dont know much about this part but from my understanding the newer DJI Fly app drones are all the same hardware. Only some of the older drones like the Mini 1 have separate hardware for countries which dont support 5.8ghz.

The limitation to use 5.8ghz on Fly app drones is set in the DJI fly app itself. It’s hard coded into the app and to the best of my knowledge there is no way enable it.

But if you’re talking about CE vs FCC purely in terms of the transmission power that most certainly can be enabled!

I have no need for it because I’m in Canada and FCC is already enabled. But I found out about the ability to switch from CE to FCC when i was looking for a way to hack the drone and remove altitude and no fly zone restrictions.
Check out Drone-Hacks, the best way to hack your DJI Drone - Hacks for info on how to hack your drone to enable the FCC mode which will allow you to broadcaster your controller signal much farther. The hack requires the purchase of a license which is around 40 euros. For me, the ability to fly high and very close to an airport is paramount. I do not appreciate DJI being air traffic enforcement guardians , and I simply cannot wait the ridiculous turnaround time needed to override the no fly zone by requesting it from DJI. You see, I am a real pilot and i use my drone to film my local airport, as well as i use it to fiim aircraft in the circuit so i need to be able to fly unincumbered. This is all under the supervision and permission of ATC of course and very few people posses the skillset and safety knowledge that i have to make this possible without hitting aircraft so, please don’t attempt flying where u shoudnt be flying.

The signal boost though, is totally fine IMO and i dont see any reason other the beurocracy to prevent countries outside of the US/CA from transmitting at higher volume.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

I don’t believe that. If you think so, then please explain how work, and other mods like that.

The Mini-1 and Mini-SE have 2 different remote controllers, you can read about this in the specs of the drone. I provided a screenshot for the Mini-SE in my first post (the Mini-1 uses the same controllers).

If you want to know how drone-hacks works and what does and does not work for all the different DJI drones and different firmwares, I suggest you go to their website and read their ‘Bird Map’.

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thanks to everyone, i’m going to try litchi because of the many options that has compared to dji fly, but anyways i’ll take a look at dronehacks because the CE is too much weak with any obstacle.

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In a city environment it is, however I find it enough for me because I live in a small town and it’s good enough to fly 2 km in any direction of my house.
I also did some crazy things (not to mention illegal), check out this log, how far I went with CE:
Airdata Log [Flying way too far with Mavic Air 2]

Just to mention, FCC hacking is illegal if your region is CE, however no one will notice probably, why would they approach an RF meter to your drone anyway… Drone-hacks will also void your warranty.

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I couldn’t find a way using the Litchi app to switch from CE to FCC.

There are a couple of ways to do it from what I understand:

  1. Flash the Drones firmware to allow mode switching ( etc) but this invalidates the warranty. It’s a permanent/semi permanent method (firmware upgrades may disable it, so you may be stuck with older firmware versions and thus miss newer features/fixes).

  2. Use a patched application either on the phone or RC controllers. There are various patched DJI Fly apps floating around (iOS - Drone-Tweaks etc, Android - umpteen on Google) which enable FCC. This is not permanent and switching back to the stock DJI Fly app changes the power output back to CE (at least thats what just happened on 1.6.8 for me). Not sure if Litchi retains the FCC power mode if you switch from the DJI Fly patched app to Litchi (I guess you’d need a power meter to test).

You’ll need a supported drone model for either of the above. Most DJI drones have the hardware to support both FCC and CE and software/firmware does the switching based on GPS. Some, however are made with only FCC or CE hardware - so its worth checking with the suppliers of 1 or 2 above to see.

As a side note, I guess someone with the right level of development expertise could decompile the Litchi app, tweak it and rebuild it with an FCC patch but you’d need a method to sign it for your device (as drone-tweaks does for example).

I’m not advocating any of the above btw :slight_smile:

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