Can I get my money back?

Leave it to me fumble this but the app is called Litchi for DJI Drones so I downloaded it to my drone. Now I’m finding that I need to download to my iPhone or Android. I’ve removed the app from the drone and am trying to get the app on my phone but it’s prompting me to pay the $25 again. Can I get some guidance or get in touch with customer support somehow? I haven’t even performed a single flight yet.

I dont know how you downloaded the app to your drone, because the app is usually downloaded from a device that connects to an app store and the selection is made there. Your drone does not have the browser capability to connect to an app location and download it. Some clarification might help to explain what happened and how you ended up with an app on your drone.

Regardless, you will need to email Litchi support at and explain your situation to them.

Ashamed to admit but I downloaded it my M3E. It wasn’t until later I read that it’s not compatible with the app. The M3E has internet connectivity and I was able to download from the Amazon App Store.

I stand corrected about your drone not having the capability. I learned something new.
You’ll need to get in touch with Litchi Support for more help.

I submitted a ticket to support when I first posted this thread. I have not heard from anyone since that submission. Is their response times normally this delayed?

I suspect it would be.
We (at least myself) have no knowledge of their team size nor if they are able to work on the app full-time yet. From the design of the website I would say no. While that may change, for now I’d say it might take a while.