Can I get Litchi for educational purposes?

I am a physics professor at a US college and creating a sophomore college physics lab that uses the Mini-2 for a series of experiments. I prefer that the students use the Litchi app.

Students will use their own phones to operate the drones for their group. Then, if each of these students had to purchase Litchi, we would need to purchase 36 licenses each semester.

Is there some way that we can purchase just 6 licenses (that’s how many drones we have) and allow those licenses to transfer to another student’s phone for the next lab?


I’d suggest that you email litchi directly about this and see what they say

Thanks Martin! Just emailed them!

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Litchi permits a single license to be used on multiple smart devices provided they are all either IOS or Android devices. If your students use both Android and IOS devices as is most likely the case, then you need only purchase TWO Litchi licenses. I am absolutely certain of this fact and a perusal of Litchi’s terms will confirm this.

Of course, you are probably already aware that the Litchi Mission Hub is a FREE download that your students can all obtain right away as a versatile platform for the planning of autonomous waypoint missions that can then be shared automatically to their smart devices.