Can I fly Litchi waypoint missions in China?

We’re going to Shanghai in November and I want to plan missions before we go and fly them when we get to Shanghai.
My question - is it possible?
The reason for this is that Google maps doesn’t seem to work properly in China - in satellite view, the street overlays are offset so don’t align properly and I wonder if missions will not work because of this?
I’d rather not spend days planning intricate safe missions only to find that when I take off the drone shoots off to some strange place because the litchi mission is using incorrect co-ordinates for China. It would be very unsafe in a skyscraper city like Shanghai.
Does anyone have any experience of this?

The iOS version of Litchi has settings for fixing map issues in China:

  • Use Amap Imagery (for China Mainland): To be used in conjunction with the “Calibrate Map for China Mainland” setting. When the map is calibrated, Google’s imagery will not map to their true location, enable this setting to fix it. iOS only.

  • Calibrate Map for China Mainland: If you are in mainland China, enable this setting to get correct GPS coordinates on the map. iOS only.

The android version of Litchi does not have these settings

I have not personally tested the app in china for a long time - it is possible taking off might have more restrictions these days

Thanks for the information. I use Android unfortunately. Might just have to fly manually.