Camera Zoom while in manual flight

I have a Air2 S and using an Android phone with my standard DJI controller. I’ve not been able to find out how to zoom in and out with my camera on the Litchi software. The user guide is not easily searchable…

Why not just use the Fn button and scroll wheel on the remote?

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the instructions say to us C2 and the right scroll wheel… I don’t have a right scroll wheel? and I don’t think I have a C2 button… the only programmable button on mine is the fn button… ya have to talk in small words for me… I am not a tech savvy teenager… LOL

From the manual:

Camera Zoom
Optical/Digital zoom: For cameras which support optical or digital zoom but cannot be adjusted using the RC’s right wheel: hold the RC’s Fn/C2 button and use the left RC wheel to adjust the zoom.
Custom Function: It is also possible to control the zoom (optical or digital) using the custom functions “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out”. Only for cameras which support zoom in the DJI firmware.


If you read the DJI manual, you’ll see that if you press and hold the fn button and use the scroll wheel, the drone will zoom (from a fairly tech savvy 63 year old)

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Ano ale na air 2s iba v mode kamera nie fotoaparát!

Približovať sa dá iba v mode kamera nie fotoaparát!

OK I’m back on this and I hope I have not lost my audience. I am a bit old and slow… not really but having a hard time figuring this thing out. The zoom works just fine with the DJI software but I can’t get it to work with the Litchi software. I figured out my C2 (FN) button. I have it set to turn the bottom light on with one tap, recenter the gimble (2Taps). Holding it down and using the left scroll wheel does nothing.

That doesn’t do anything on mine.

@sandy Make sure you are in Video Mode. Zoom does not work in Photo mode.
On my Air2S, the Fn button (press and hold) in combination with Gimbal wheel will zoom in DJI Fly app or in Litchi.
Check other functions of your Fn button and Gimbal control to make sure there isnt a problem with them.

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