Camera settings M1P

Hi. I just acquired a Mavic pro in order to pull off some autonomous waypoint missions into some canyons around my home. Today was my first try at it and all went according to plan. I lost contact with the RV about ½ way through the 3 mile excursion and it regained signal again about the remaining half. So all went well except for the video. Very dark and grainy. The entire video was on the SD card so the video kept recording even with loss of signal also. Question. What settings should be applied to the camera for brighter and less grainy footage? A photographer I am not. Thanks for any advice in advance

These setting also apply to the Mavic 1

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Since you are flying into a canyon, you might want to try putting your exposure settings on “Auto”. This way, the camera will adjust automatically for changing light conditions. If you want to use “Manual” mode, use the “Histogram” option to help set up the exposure.


Thanks! I’ll look at those two options today. So long as the wind calms down just a little. I’ll read some more about using histogram.

Congratulations on that successful flight into a canyon. Sounds like you were meticulous with the altitude settings because there was a real potential for calamitous errors in that aspect of the flight plan.

Very difficult to say. To avoid grainy photos (or films), set ISO to 100 or 200 max. White balance should also be set manually to something between 5500 and 6200 (depending on the intensity of sunlight). Those settings would be convenient with a shutter speed of 50 to 100 if you shoot at 25 to 30 i/s in a shaddy environment like a canyon.

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