Camera mode in Waypoint with photos and videos

Does it matter if the camera is set to Stills or Video at the beginning of a straight-line Waypoint mission containing actions for both Still Photos and Videos? The actions at WP1 are Tilt Camera 0 > Take Photo (camera view in the direction of travel) > Start Recording > Tilt camera -70 after which the drone tracks as designed. At the last Waypoint, the actions are Stop Recording > Tilt Camera 0 > Take Photo after which the drone does RTH. There are no actions at any other Waypoint. I flew the mission a couple of days ago and both the stills and video recorded. Today I flew the mission again; the photos were taken, but there was no video. I don’t remember whether the camera was set to Stills or Video a the moment when I pressed the Start Mission for either mission, but wonder whether the camera mode setting was correct for the first flight but incorrect for todays flight. Thanks.


It is recommended to add a 1 second pause after a ‘take photo’ action in order to give the camera enough time to write all data to the sd-card, especially when taking RAW photos.

If the ‘start recording’ action happens to take place during this write process, it will be ignored.

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Thank you, Yordie. I will re-do the mission and add “stay for” to the actions. I have read that the max Stay For duration is 32 seconds. Do you know if it is possible to add multiple Stay For actions to the same waypoint to extend the time the drone spends at that waypoint? For example: if I wanted to Stop Recording, take a Photo with -90 gimbal, take a Panorama, Rotate the drone to head to the next waypoint, and Resume Recording … would I insert multiple Stay For actions?

While you can add multiple “stay for” actions, the example you provided doesn’t require them. All actions are performed sequentially.

Thank you. I’ll try a couple of different action “scripts” and see what happens. (as capable as Litchi is, I’m finding it takes a lot of subtlety to get it to do what you want).

If you are trying to fly to a waypoint then take a panorama, there is a Litchi Utility that will do that for you.
See it here.

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Wow! Thank you. I have used a Nodal Ninja to produce multi-row panos from a tripod-mounted still camera and wondered how I might do something similar with a drone … now I know it can be done! Another thing to put on my to-do list.