Camera menu not intuitive


one thing, that I noticed is the following.

When I open the camera menu (clicking this round symbol with the 3 sliders symbolized), then I can edit the camera settings.

But, IMO this is not intuitive enough. Why? Because it is hardly to close. Clicking the button again won’t close it. Clicking in the menu itself, submenus are not closed.

Sometimes it is working with a trick, for example, clicking on another parameter (not the one, you just edited) will close the submenu. For example, changed the format to 16:9 and then clicking on some video format will close the submenu. If you managed this, the step-back-button of the mobile will close the menu - or it does not. It is a little bit tricky. I would not say, completely unusable, but this is a thing, the developers should take a look at.

Second thing, I would have liked to be implmeneted, would be the calibration option of the IMU (this thing, were you have to put the drone into 5 different positions).

I saw compass calibration, but IMU calibration I did not find. DJI-Fly offers it, and as far as I know, Rainbow for DJI, too. Or did I miss something?

Best regards