Cable Cam mission on Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller possible?

I had a Mavic 2 Pro a few years ago with the phone controller. I played around a little with Litchi and the Cabel Cam waypoint mission where I could set the speed to 0 and control the “playback” speed manually with the right stick. I could even “rewind” the mission. I crashed that drone and upgraded to Mini 3 Pro. Apparently DJI has removed that SDK functionality for the newer drones.

DJI has also released a ton of firmware since I had my old M2Pro. Is that Cable Cam functionality still possible with a M2Pro with Smart Controller? I’m thinking of buying my friend’s old drone specifically so I can film Cable Cam waypoint missions.


The M2Pro and the Mini 3 Pro operate on different SDKs.
The Litchi version that is built on MSDKv5 (for the Mini 3 Pro) is still in Beta.

Is that the version of Litchi that you had tried with your Mini 3 Pro? Or were you trying to use the same Litchi version that you used on the M2Pro?

The CableCam mission is simply a waypoint mission with specific instructions for setting a button and Mission Settings. It doesnt utilize any special functions of the MSDKv5.

Yes it is.
Manual speed override (and reverse) is still functional for drones that use the DJI Go & DJI GO 4 app.
It does not work anymore for drones that use the DJI Fly app.

However, the litchi version you used to use on your phone does not work on the smart controller, you will have to buy it from the Amazon app store (and pay again).

All info on Litchi for DJI Monitors: