C1 & C2 as an ACTION

Is it possible to have C1 and C2 be listed as options under ACTIONS in the mission hub when planning a mission? For example, if I already had C1 designated to release a payload, and wanted C1 to be an ACTION at a designated Waypoint, it would be great to be able to make that part of the mission…

And why is it necessary

Hello Eric4, welcome to the Forum Community! One drawback of the current voting system is limited votes to cast. I have requested an increase in votes available but for now just getting the Idea and explaining the reasons behind it are a good start. Stick around and add your voice to our conversations and debates. Happy Flying!!


But I just do not understand why this function, how can it be used? What prevents you from pressing buttons

I do not understand why you don’t understand. Obviously he wants to drop a payload at a waypoint. I’m not advocating nor discouraging such a function. I’m just re-stating what he wants.


Correct. It would be very powerful and open up many possibilities to be able to include C1 and C2 as ACTION options.

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Where is such a function in c1?


The next question would be how to bind to c1 to drop the payload? :slight_smile:

I have a release mechanism which can be made to work using the C1 button.

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Can you elaborate on this?