Bound DJI Mini se

My brother just bought a used mini se which bound to a DJI account. The previous owner did not unbind the drone from the account. The drone will not fly out more than 35 meters. Will the Litchi app overcome this or is the limitation bound physically to the drone?

This is a common problem when buying used DJI drones. He will need to contact the previous owner to obtain the previous owner’s credentials. Then log into DJI Fly with those credentials and unbind the drone. Then log out and log back in with his own account.

@Ken_McComb, can you get in touch with the previous owner? If so the procedure for unbinding the account is very easy, as explained by DJI in this post relating to this issue. No Litchi can not overcome the DJI limitation.

DJI Stephen

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Hello there rondizz. Thank you for reaching out and for giving out these information. After the DJI drone is bound with an account, it can also be removed from the account. To remove the DJI Drone from the account, there is no need to connect the drone. But only the bound account can operate this function. Here is the path: Profile>Device Management>Account and Device>Remove device from account. Thank you.

No one knows who the original owner is. That is the issue. I was hoping Litchi would not be limited by this fact. Is it?

Litchi is limited to what the DJI drone and the DJI SDK allows. If you don’t know who the original owner is, I would try contacting who he bought it from. The only other choice is to contact DJI. However, I’m not sure if others have had any success getting this resolved by DJI.

DJI will not help with this issue. That has been determined many times by others with this issue. The original owner is unknown with no way to find out who it was - that is why I was trying to find a workaround. I guess there isn’t one.

If you open DJI Fly and select “Profile”, there will be a “person icon and name” in the upper-left corner. Select that. Once you do, the email address and name of the previous owner will be displayed in the upper-right corner.