Bluetooth GPS for iPad without GPS?

I fly my Mini 2 with the RC attached to an iPad that does not have cellular capability, and therefore does not have a GPS chip. This prevents me from flying in certain Litchi modes, like follow me. Amazon has a number of GPS receivers that can connect to an iPad using bluetooth. One such device is the Dual Electronics XGPS150A, and Garmin makes one too, but it gets mixed reviews for Android devices. Supposedly any app running on the iPad that needs GPS will get get the GPS location. Has anyone out there tried this device, or other similar devices?

You don’t need cellular capability to get GPS

This is a good question. I too fly using an iPad with no cellular and no GPS (two separate functions but often linked together). I use an iPhone, enable the hotspot function, and connect to that from the iPad using bluetooth. To use Litchi’s “Follow” mode, I must run Litchi directly on my iPhone.

It will be interesting to hear if there is an affordable GPS device that allows one to use an iPad.

I’ve always used wifi only iPads and never had any issue. I always turn off my wifi because I get a better range. That means I have no connection to anything. For me, the wifi on the ipad interferes with the reception on my inspire, especially video feed, but I’ve never had a problem with GPS