Birds do enjoy confronting drones

I was flying my Mini SE this morning checking out the possible oncoming storm and this eagle was very curious.


That is an amazing shot. The eagle was definitely considering a full-on attack fueled by extreme prejudice, but then broke off the engagement at the last instant, and vectored off leaving the bogey unscathed.

I suggest affixing one of those tiny Firehouse ultra-bright strobes to any suitable surface of the drone as an aerial interception deterrent. I find those little strobes to be highly effective in this regard, in addition to helping with pilots’ in-flight visual orientation.


There actually were 2 birds at first. What a difference in size compared to the drone. At 400ft AGL and mostly cloudy, the eagles were huge in comparison to the tiny UAV, that was a spec in the sky. Great idea for a strobe light to ward off an attack and to be able to see the drone easier.

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