Better Panoramas with Mini 3 portrait mode?

I always used Litchi with my Mavic Air when shooting panoramas so I could take the best quality images and use my own tools to stitch them together. One of the tricky parts was having to do both horizontal and vertical joins.

Hopefully with the Mini 3 in portrait mode we can just shoot 1 row of images and only need to stitch them together horizontally. Obviously we’ll need a lot more columns but I think this could make the process much simpler and could give better results.

I would have thought that a panorama being a lot wider than its height, landscape are far better to use than portrait

I have found that when shooting a panorama (not with a drone), taking three portrait shots and stitching them together produces a very well-proportioned image whose ratio is close to the golden mean (1.618).

It depends, if you go very wide then just 1 row will give you a very wide aspect ratio.
So I’d normally get litchi to give me 3 rows, with the lens in portrait I might be able to get away with 1.